These are the end of times– when a fine thread of democracy is abused and masked by the clacking power of press freedom.

What has become of our civilization? For the indigents? For us, the considered religious minority, in this country? Most of us are even timid in speaking for ourselves. When bullied and intimidated, we hunker down. In the corner.

The CBC Fifth Estate, The National, and CBC Investigates are still ganging up on INC, salivating perhaps on the viewership rating.

BUT wait!

The information, in part, forms the basis of the lawsuit against CBC, Sawa, McKeown, Menorca, Dizon and Liz De Ocampo:

1. The allegations against INC of kidnapping, murder and financial corruption are based on rumour, innuendo, gossip and speculation. The innuendo is very strong and severe. 

2. The allegations are not supported by any evidence and are uncorroborated. 

3. The allegations are not only untrue but scandalous and vague. 

4. CBC and its journalists on this matter think they are above the law. They and the show portrayed arrogance. 

5. CBC complained on the program about being harassed by church members when it was the other way around: they were harassing members of the church. 

6. CBC did not give the church an opportunity to present its side of the story despite several requests by us to do so. 

7. Our offer to produce a senior member of the church as a spokesperson was rejected by CBC. 

8. Calling the church the “Church of Secrets” was not supported by any evidence. 

9. McKeown referred to “sources” in a vague way without saying who they were, where they were or when they spoke to them. 

10. McKeown also said “people,” told them certain things but, again in a vague way without saying who, where or when. 

11. The Iglesia Ni Cristo has been defamed by baseless innuendo, gossip and speculation and should be sued along with the others listed above.

/ 2019 February

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