… and Lowell R. Menorca II’s miserable saga continues here in Canada

INC 101

IMG_2016-01-23 16:41:52.jpg

Lowell “Boyet” Menorca is once again the focus of attention, and you get the feeling this is just the way he wants it.  With his arrest, what was Menorca able to do?

  1. Avoid testifying in Court.  Menorca claims that he is being silenced, but what part of the trial did he miss by being arrested?  Cross-examination of the complainant’s testimony that has already been plagued his camp with so many problems.  Hence, they benefit from the trial’s postponement.


They have been losing the court battle.  Their lawyer knows only how to make an appeal to public opinion through mass media outlets and not actual litigation.  Trixie Angeles and Menorca are not after truth, facts, or justice, but the paycheck they get for their demolition job on the INC’s reputation, especially during this election year.  What are some of the problems they have faced with Menorca’s testimony?

First, they failed…

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