Pivotal moments happen when you know a quick decision will define who you will become.

For this year 2019, knowledge will be excitingly pushed forward—that will make our lives healthier, longer, wiser, but non-insightful on the contrary.

There will be many moments of miracles.

There will be greater challenges ahead of us. Our ardent work continues, thus, moving forward.

Friendships will abound like flowers blooming in the spring.

There is a vibrant awareness of the reason why we’re here. A heightened pulse of life to pursue our calling, and stand by our election inside the Church.

We are grateful– there’s so much gratitude for the blessings of being inside the Church. There is hope, there is peace, there is the appreciation for life’s spark.

Hence, we shall remain inspired and steadfast in our faith by the great victories and the triumphs that through God’s help the Church Of Christ has now reached.

We shall remain proud of our membership in the Church Of Christ.

“Not defeated, nor overcome,
Don’t retreat but pass each test.
Victory is yours,
Now and evermore…”
#onewithEVM, #iglesianicristo

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